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WaveScribe Documentation Solutions
WaveScribe Documentation Solutions There are multiple methods available to dictate, record and document important notes, meetings, interviews, speeches, reports, and encounters. You can record by dialing into a dictation server, using a handheld device, your smartphone, or computer. You can record only for playback later or you may want them transcribed. The choice is yours.

You Can Mix and Match Services With WaveScribe:

Dial-in from your facility, home phone or smart phone to dictate reports, letters, notes, proposals, reminders and more anytime using the dial-in recording line.

Use your digital handheld device (including Sony, Olympus, Phillips, Tascam, Korg, Alesis, Zoom and more) to create and brainstorm anywhere and then load the files to your online Library.

Use software on your PC to record dictation (including NCH, CamStudio, Audacity, and more).

Scan your own documents using your personal scanner or for large projects a WaveScribe scanning affiliate can help you digitize your paper records.

Get your own WaveScribe email box. Send files to your WaveScribe online library via email attachment.

Create files real time using the WaveScribe application or create files offline in your desktop application, log in and load it up when you're done!

Think you’re too small to have a web site? Think having a web site wouldn’t help your business? Think again! WaveScribe offers business and/or personal website hosting service, email and web forms as an add on to your WaveScribe subscription. Take control of your virtual real estate today. Our web design specialist can help you move your online presence forward.

Not ready to get rid of your paper files and boxes yet? That’s okay! Optional physical file storage is an account option available through our WaveScribe affiliate. Storage is at a secured HIPAA/HITECH compliant facility that is monitored 24/7.

Call us at (702) 435-9283 and talk to a representative about your needs.

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